Bitcoin $15,000

Analysts are sure that Bitcoin will continue to grow and rise above $ 15,000


The experts made a forecast for Bitcoin in January and for the whole current year. Experts give positive forecasts, but they are still cautious about buying the first crypto currency.

As informs many analysts agree that in January, and throughout the year Bitcoin will grow. However, so far the situation on the market is unstable. BTC first fell below 10 thousand dollars, and then grew again.

Forecast of financial analyst Tom Lee – 25 thousand for Bitcoin before the end of the year. Forecast Bitcoin in January 2018, the expert did not become due to the floating rate of BTC. Specialist expects that soon the first crypto currency will again drop sharply – this time to 9 thousand. Lee believes that this price will be optimal for the aggressive purchase of Bitcoin, which after this recession should gradually increase.

Analyst Trace Meyer, too, did not give a specific forecast Bitcoin for January. The specialist assumes that at the beginning of the year the crypto currency will go through the correction stages. According to the expert, BTC will certainly pierce $ 15,000. According to Meyer, before the end of the year Bitcoin can grow up to 115 thousand. But, according to him, this is the maximum permissible and, in principle, too high.

Analyst Kai Van-Petersen partially agreed with Meyer. Specialist suggested that Bitcoin may well grow to $ 50,000 by the end of the year. The specialist does not exclude that the BTC can rise in price and up to 100 thousand. At the same time, other crypto-currencies will also develop dynamically and can create serious competition for Bitcoin.

All three analysts agreed that Bitcoin will be able to break through 15 thousand dollars, but whether he will do it in January – is still unknown. Experts expect some further correction of the exchange rate and a sharp decline, after which BTC will already steadily rise in price.

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