ArcBlock ICO Review

ArcBlock ICO Review: Innovative Platform for Blockchain 3.0


Blockchain technology is one of the most relevant topics for 2018, but not everyone realizes that at the moment the blockchain is still in the “Bud”. The technology has not yet revealed its full potential in any of the existing cryptocurrencies. At the end of 2017, new blockchains began to appear on the horizon: ICON, Aion, WanChain and others who are trying to apply a lot of innovations in their blockchain 3.0 ecosystems.

New project ArcBlock also has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first ecosystem for the creation and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps). The project team believes that it will be able to remove the barriers that prevent the adoption of blockchain among the masses, as well as developing unique approaches to create its ecosystem.


How the ArcBlock Blockchain Works

Open Chain Access Protocol

Open Chain Access Protocol is a Protocol with open source code that provides an abstract layer to access the underlying block chain that enables applications to work with different blockchain, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger, etc. This eliminates the problem of Blocklet of the platform and allows applications to run on multiple blockchains, greatly improving the work of developers and users.

How the ArcBlock Blockchain Works


Blocket is the core of ArcBlock, peer-to-peer computing architecture to work with different types of applications that is associated with the block chain using the Chain Protocol Open Access Protocol from ArcBlock. It also connects to any existing data source and works on-chain and off-chain. Blocklet can be used for smart contracts, Oracle, resource and asset processing and even for business logic in off-chain.

arcblock Blocklet

Decentralized Pub/Sub gateways

Decentralized Pub/Sub gateways is a distributed messaging system that supports pub/sub and acts as an API gateway for Blocklets. This will allow your applications to run in web browsers as well as mobile applications, providing users with real-time interactive features. The gateway supports various network protocols by default, including WebSockets, DDP, HTTPS, and MQTT. Experienced developers can extend the gateway with new network protocols according to their needs.

The Economy of Tokens

ArcBlock is a market based on the token economy. ArcBlock miners will contribute not only computing resources to The system, but also reusable components, new services, or ready-to-deploy applications to receive rewards in the form of AVT tokens. People who provide resources or services will be rewarded with tokens to form a positive, self-growing platform that continues to evolve on its own.

Project team, Advisors and Partners

Project team, Advisors and Partners

The project’s CEO Robert Mao has seven years of experience in MicroSoft, 10 years, Invited Expert of the W3C HTML Working Group.

Chief Scientist Flavelien Charlon-Founder & CEO of Coinprism.

Also present in the team are marketing Director Jean Chen and legal consultant Joe Wallin.

Advisors and investors of the project withpout CEO and Founder, s of various companies. Perhaps it is worth highlighting Vice President of LiquidHub and Director of information technology of Microsoft Japan Justin Tomboulian and chief operating officer of Krypital Group and adviser Cybermiles.

ArcBlock has serious partners such as the Linux Foundation, HyperLedger, W3C, CyberMiles.

Project Road Map

ArcBlock Project Road Map

The ArcBlock team has big plans and an extensive road map. Full readiness of the platform and launch is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The team also has a five-year development plan:


• The launch of the first decentralized applications built on ArcBlock with selected customers.
* Launch the Open Chain Access Protocol and implementations for major blockchains (Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.).


* Public launch and promotion to the General public.
* First conference for ArcBlock developers and partners.
* Launch support and Blocklet Building Blocks for digital media, publishing and knowledge sharing.
* Development and implementation of blockhain IOT (Internet of things) applications support. Support protocols, MQTT and IoT service AWS. Ability to support IOTA as a blockchain sublayer.
* Creation of a decentralized market for dapps ArcBlock and their tokens.


* Public launch for IoT smart home and support for smart city apps.
* Support for the Open Chain Access Protocol and related open source technology (through the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation or similar organization) to increase the acceptance and position of ArcBlock as a de facto open network access standard.
* Expanding cloud computing support for the ArcBlock platform. Targeting support for all major cloud platforms including AWS, Windows Azure, Google Computing Engine, Aliyun, Tencent Yun, etc.


• Search for potential trends, according to which the protocols blockchain can be taken at the level of the OS (operating system), providing basic support for OS-level platform ArcBlock.
* Build a token ecosystem and a new operating system with ArcBlock platform partners and developers for a truly decentralized stand-alone business environment.


* ArcBlock becomes an open fundamental service of the new programmable society, supporting DAO/DAC and their services/applications.

Token Sale

  • Number of tokens: 186,000,000 ABT
  • Final number of ABT tokens
  • There is no inflation
  • All tokens will be extracted by pre-mining, mining is not needed (Algorithm*1 does not need mining)
  • Maximum number of tokens for the main sale: 45%
  • Marketing & partner support: 8% (including bounty %1 of 8%)
  • Team (Labs): 15%
  • Miners (community awards): 32%
  • Softcap( softcap): 12000 ETH
  • Hardcap (hardcover): 37500 ETH + 6M CMT
  • The maximum for private sale: 25000 ETH
  • The maximum for the primary public sale: 12500 ETH + 6m CMT
  • ETH (Ethereum) CMT(Cybermiles Token)
    * 1-it is Planned to adapt the new consensus algorithm, which was developed by Silvio Mical, MIT Professor, winner of the Turing award in 2012. The idea is to use the pseudo-random number generator to select nodes.

Private sale starts on 12 January and available from 150ETH. The rate of 1 ETH = 2052 ABT.
Public sale starts on February 3, 7pm CST and will last until February 10. 1 ETH = 1900 ABT.
Minimum participation — 0.1 ETH, a maximum of 50 ETH. Will also have the opportunity to participate through CyberMiles Token, the course will be defined before the token sale. The minimum quantity is 200 CMT, the maximum is 150,000 CMT.


ArcBlock is a very interesting project that needs to be monitored. All platforms, and even more so third-generation blockchains, are attractive to the investor in terms of both profits and investments in the future of the cryptocurrency as a whole.

Website: https://www.arcblock.io/ru/

WhitePaper (presentation prospectus) of the project: https://www.arcblock.io/file/whitepaper/WhitePaperEnV2_en-US.pdf

Branch on BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2704656

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