Based on Ethereum advertising platform, launches ICO


Adbank, a platform for digital publishers and advertisers on the Ethereum blockade, created to prevent digital ad fraud, launched the ICO, raising $ 3 million during the presale.

Adbank creates an ecosystem in which payments from publishers and advertisers can be tracked. Thus, the platform strives to cope with the problem facing the advertising industry – fraud.

It is estimated that in 2017 about $ 223 billion was spent on digital advertising around the world, while intermediaries received about 75% of these investments, and another $ 16.4 billion was lost as a result of fraud.

Adbank does not plan to become the largest advertising platform, instead it is planned to provide other networks with tools that allow using Adbank ADB token to gain advantages, such as transparency, provided by the technology of blocking.

Waiting for a patent

Adbank introduced a patent for a new method of detecting fraud, based on artificial intelligence and blockbuster. Where traditional fraud detection systems operate within specific ad networks, the Adbank system uses AI to find the connection between information inside the network and on the detachment.

By accessing advertising databases, user profiles, advertising images, web pages, blocking transactions and artificial intelligence, the Adbank system can identify many types of fraud. For example, to track transactional activity in the blockroom, compare it to web pages that can not load all the expected advertising, and to find out whether the system is a false publisher. It is also possible to detect unexpected changes among site visitors. Also, the system can mark a large sale of tokens in the block, which can indicate that the publisher buys traffic and sells profits as quickly as possible to be unnoticed.

Third parties can use the Adbank API to integrate services with existing products, building the value of their products along with the expansion of the Adbank ecosystem.

Angelo Dodaro, Marketing Director:

“We understand the youth of Ethereum technology, which can be compared to dial-up Internet in 1998. The current tension in the Ethereum network, connected with the popularity of CryptoKitties, has caused controversy about the problem of scaling. Adbank has solved these problems by combining the benefits of off-cheking and on-chehn technologies to carry out transactions at the speed of light, which is necessary for healthy advertising work. “

Adbank will announce a partnership with advertisers and publishers during the ICO. The business development team will enter into partnerships in Moscow, Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, San Fancisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago and Cincinnati.

Home ICO

ICO was launched on December 14 and will continue until January 21, the ultimate goal is to collect 50,000 ETH. In addition to the etherium, PIVX crypto currency is also accepted.

One ETH will be equivalent to 7500 ADB.

At the moment, the cost of ETH is $ 734, so the final goal of ICO is $ 35.5 million at the current rate. In order to match the time set in the road map, Adbank plans to increase its initial target of $ 21.5 million by January 21, 2018.

Funds from ICO will mostly go to purchase existing advertising networks. The other part will go on hiring technical, media and advertising specialists, so that they perform the role of senior managers, while the main team will be able to engage in business and technical development.

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