Ben Swann Has Published a Viral Video of Getting a Sponsorship Of The Network


Ben Swann restored the work of the site Truth in Media and told about the return of the project in a viral video about Dash.

Former program leader and independent investigative journalist Ben Swann became famous for the show Reality Check, in which little-lit and controversial topics were often viewed in terms that were very different from those of the world’s largest media and experts. A year ago, after disagreements over some of his reports, the project was closed, and all Swann accounts on social networks were deactivated. Now, thanks to the exclusive sponsorship from the Dash network, the show Reality Check is back. The updated Truth in Media site was reactivated yesterday, just like all Swann social networks, where Dash sponsorship is actively covered.

Truth in Media and a viral video about Dash

The focus on the updated site Truth in Media, as well as on all accounts on social networks, is a video application of Swann, which reveals the circumstances of his return. The video mentions exclusive sponsorship from the Dash network and highlights the main points of the project, including its censorship-resistant character inherent in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Swann also believes that “Dash is the most technologically advanced crypto currency” thanks to InstantSend and PrivateSend functions, as well as the future platform called “Evolution”.

At the time of this writing, the video has been modestly successful on various platforms, including 2,500 views on YouTube and more than 3,000 in Instagram. However on Facebook, the video has become viral, having collected over 100,000 views and 1,400 reposts in 15 hours, and this figure is growing. Because of the mysterious disappearance of Swann a year ago, the video also fell into the top of the / r / Conspiracy discussion thread on Reddit.

A number of Successfully Implemented Integrations and Projects

In addition to Swann’s welcome return, some other Dash projects also began to show results. First and foremost, Alt Thirty Six, a payment solution designed exclusively for Dash, is approaching the release, promising a fully-formed business solution that includes a point of sale application, compliance with law, tax calculation, accounting, payroll calculation, easy integration in other systems, and much more. In addition, this year the system is going to make its debut in thousands of dispensaries for the sale of medical marijuana.

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