Bitcoin Cloud Mining in Hashflare


I was very skeptical about Hashflare’s cloud-based mining, but the insane growth in Bitcoin’s value and the projected growth in cloud-based profitability forced everyone to take a chance and invest in Hashflare.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining in Hashflare

The service predicts a profit of $ 11.10 per day invested in cloud mining Bitcoin $ 1400 per day, $ 4050.99 per year. Of course it was necessary to invest on the drawdown of bitcoins (as they say, buy the dips). And further growth in the value of Bitcoin may be in question. And the whole pyramid of crypto currency can collapse at any moment. Plus it is necessary to take risks of cloud service Hashflare. Given the potential yield, the risk was considered quite justified. Although I can not recommend others to repeat this, because it is easy to lose all the invested money.

Invested only in Bitcoin mining, although the service offers Litecoin, Etherium, Zcash, Dash. Previously, many recommended to invest in half in Bitcoin and Litecoin, but now it’s completely unclear to me how to invest in mining. Ripple is interesting because RippleNet includes more than 100 financial organizations. But Mining Ripple service Hashflare does not offer. Snowden stated that Zcash is a worthy alternative to bitcoin because of its confidentiality. Many initial coin placement (ICO) passes to the Etherium, but confuses that its blockbuster has grown to 200GB and in the coming year can reach 1TB. Plus, it’s completely unclear how promising the various crypto-currencies correlate with the profitability of their mining. But in general, Bitcoin and Etherium are used for initial coin placement, so I tend to only mine these currencies.

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