Buying and Selling Terms

Buying and Selling Terms


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Quantitative Easing

When any Central Bank makes money out of fresh air and increases the money supply artificially that is known as quantitative easing which often leads to a devaluing of it.

Pump and Dump

This is the name given when people buy a cryptocurrency to manipulate and increase its value and as other people buy into it they will then sell it and cash out their profits.

Price Bubble

When any asset or commodity including any digital currency has a price that has grown so large it is unsustainable over the long term that is known as a price bubble.

Private Key

A private key is simply a long string of numbers and letter that allows a cryptocurrency to be sent and as such it is a type of password that needs to be remembered stored securely

Network Effect

When a cryptocurrency becomes well know and is then made available on many different exchanges the value of them can increase and when they do so that is the Network Effect.

Money Laundering

Due to the way that the blockchain works and as moving digital currencies around can be anonymous many people are doing so as a way of money laundering ill-gotten gains.

Paper Wallet

To ensure that any digital currencies you own are not going to be kept where they could be hacked such as on your computer you should use a paper wallet instead.

Mobile Wallet

Whilst many people do like to keep their digital currency wallet stored on their computers or laptops you can of course also store then on a mobile device via a mobile wallet.


To be able to store you digital currencies you are of course going to need to have a digital currency wallet and one of them that you can download and use is the MEW or My Ether Wallet.

Ledger Nano S

There are lots of different ways that a cryptocurrency user or investor can hold their digital currencies and one way is by using a hardware wallet with Ledger Nano S being a popular one.

Hardware Wallet

In regards to storing your digital currencies you must use the maximum security and one way you will achieve that is by using something known as a Hardware Wallet.


If you do intend to buy or sell digital currencies then you should be on the lookout for those that are frictionless as that means it is one on which there are no limits or transaction costs.


An Exchange is a platform that allows people to both buy and sell digital currencies and you can buy them with a range of fiat and digital currencies and use different payment methods.

Deterministic Wallet

You are going to be able to store multiple different keys with a single seed when using a Deterministic Wallet, they allow the creation of public address without a private key.

Desktop Wallet

Many people who do use or even invest in cryptocurrencies use something that is known as a Desktop Wallet which is a digital wallet that is downloaded onto their computer.


If you hear the term Bearish being used to describe a digital currency then that means the value of any cryptocurrency and digital currency is expected to decrease in value sooner rather than later.


The term Bullish is one that you will hear being given to any market place including cryptocurrencies that are expected to see an increase in their values and prices very soon.

Bull Market

You will often find that many cryptocurrencies are described as being on a Bear Market and that means that one or more than one of them are seeing upward curves in their values.

Bollinger Bands

Volatility in regards to the value of any digital and cryptocurrencies is something you will have to get used to and Bollinger Bands are simply historic data of those volatilities.


This is the unit at which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are expressed and divided up into and being binary you will find that it is expressed as either a 1 or a 0, 1,000,000 bits equals on Bitcoin.

All Time High

When any cryptocurrency reaches a value that it has never achieved before then it is described as being at an all time high, which is something that happen very regularly by the way!

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