CoinText Introduced a Payment Application for Bitcoin Cash


Now the payment can be confused with SMS.

The payment solution provider CoinText has introduced a new wallet that makes the execution of Bitcoin Cash transactions (BCH) “as simple as sending SMS.”

With the new application, users can simply select the recipient’s contact from their smartphone’s contact list, enter the amount in BCH and click “send”.

Too simple application for a coin at a price of 1200 dollars

Unlike conventional cryptotices, the CoinText service does not require users to register on the exchange, store phrases or private keys.

The CoinText wallet works with basic and simple commands, such as “Balance”, “Deposit”, “Send” and “Withdraw”.

The wallet does not store any data about transactions in the system, because the server processes operations only using the algorithm in the blockroom.

According to the leading developer of CoinText, Wine Armani: “The ability to transfer currency, such as BCH, via text message with the help of any (mobile) phone in the world will lead to the realization of huge economic potential for people not covered by banking services,” says Financemagnates .

Send Bitcoin Cash is as simple as SMS an exciting innovation. But we can confidently assume that such a simplification, besides without storing data on transactions, will please many scammers.

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