Dash Will Launch a New Marketing Strategy


Fernando Gutierrez at the bitcoin conference in North America said that he plans to identify a potential audience of crypto-currencies, create a new Dash logo and launch a broad advertising campaign.

According to Gutierrez, Dash first needs to gather a team of PR specialists. Now in Dash advertising while engaged in one Gutierrez. Later, together with the new team, they plan to analyze a huge array of data to understand who their potential user is. After that, they plan to start an advertising campaign.

Gutierrez said he had already discussed some ideas with the Dash team. He told that their business plan will be divided into semesters. And for each semester he plans to receive a certain amount of money (for example Gutierrez brought $ 5 million). After completing the tasks of a certain semester, they will proceed to the next.

According to him, Dash will try all possible channels of communication to attract both investors and ordinary users. Gutierrez said that which of these channels will work better, on that they will focus their attention. But he also added that each step should be thought through, as their budget is limited.

“Our idea is to optimize the budget. Yes, it looks huge – 7 million dollars! But in reality it is nothing. International brands spend billions a year. We can not compete with them, so we need to be as cautious as possible, “Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez added that in February they will have the first prototype of the new Dash logo, and will start using it in March or April. However, this is not the final decision: if users like the old logo more, Dash will leave it. At the same time, Gutierrez intends to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook to start studying his audience.

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