How to Earn on Cryptocurrency in 2018?


The further digital technologies develop, the they attract bigger number of people to the sphere of the interests. Same concerns also a niche of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market develops with great strides. If you haven’t found time to take an interest yet what is it, then now the most suitable time to make it. So, today we will tell you how to earn on cryptocurrency.

There are several ways of earnings on cryptocurrency. Each person the shown interest in this subject chooses that way of earnings to which he is more located. Interestingly what way will be chosen by you.

Ways of Earnings on Cryptocurrency

  1. Trade at the exchange
  2. Cryptocurrency mining
  3. Investment

Now give about every way one after another.

1. Trade at the Exchange — How to Earn

Lately suddenly elements of exchange trading suddenly began to understand a huge number of people, and some even became professionals. The cause is the promoting of subject of cryptocurrencies which isn’t reducing turns has besides served. Sharp jumps of a course (at what at the moment generally towards increase) draw attention of beginners who want to earn.

To earn on cryptocurrency by means of trade at the exchange you need to be registered simply on her and to make a deposit. Here examples of such exchanges:

  • CEX.io (via the Visa/MasterCard card. Purchase process here);
  • Exmo.com (through USD, EUR). In more detail);
  • Bitflip.cc (Bitcoin can buy here having recharged the cherekh of WebMoney, Qiwi or Visa/Mastercard);
  • Localbitcoins.net (through Qiwi or Webmoney. Purchase process here).

Then it is necessary to buy any cryptocurrency which was pleasant to you on the money entered by you and to wait so far for it the price will grow. After growth of its price you can safely sell it, at the same time the difference of purchase and sale also will be your earnings.

Here a striking example of a rate of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency from November 17, 2107 till December 8, 2017

How to earn on cryptocurrency

If you have bought 1 Bitcoin on November 17, 2017, would spend for it $7800 then if you have sold this Bitcoin on December 8, 2017, would already receive for him $17800. Thus your earnings in three weeks would make exactly $10000. Agree not bad.

But you don’t hurry to be under a delusion. Not everything is so simple. You always have to remember that trade at the exchange (or as it is correct to speak — trading) always, we emphasize ALWAYS is connected with certain risks. Remember that the price of the cryptocurrency bought by you can go not only up, but also down. And then your difference of purchase and sale will be called not profit, but a loss any more.

2. Cryptocurrency Mining — How to Get

Mining as a way of earnings on cryptocurrency can be divided into two look. The first is an autographic mining, the second — cloud mining. In the first option special computing power will be necessary for you. Still quite recently everyone could mine any cryptocurrency using only the own computer. In today’s conditions it became impossible. The matter is that the cryptographic code becomes complicated every year and today powerful computers or so-called mining farms will be necessary for you.

Here to your attention RX 480 mining farm:

Here to your attention RX 480 mining farm

But also there will be not enough purchase of such farm as and in this case you should join to some mining pool. Mining pool is a so-called association of miners for the purpose of achievement of fast result on cryptocurrency mining for rather short period of time. Minus of such way of earnings on cryptocurrency is that mining farms are very expensive in the price. If you are ready to invest in it, then be going to lay out a round sum.

Exists as well alternative option of mining — cloud mining (we already mentioned about him above). And so, what he represents. Cloud mining is a production of cryptocurrency with use of virtual (remote) computer capacities which you can buy or lease on special services. Here examples of such services:

  1. Hashflare.io
  2. Genesis-mining.com

To earn on cryptocurrency using a way of cloud mining to you it is necessary to follow the links stated above and to be registered. Then to buy or lease that number of virtual capacities which you are able to afford. After that you can mine cryptocurrency. When on your account already there is enough cryptocurrency you can bring it to own cryptocurrency wallets or at once get on the exchange to sell for money.

3. Investment — Where to Invest Money

Most often understand earnings on the long-term period of potential increase in a course as investment into cryptocurrencies (or as now it is fashionable to tell HODL). In other words you buy any cryptocurrency for the long period (for example one year) and on the end of this period you sell it at already raised price. At the moment it is one of the most popular types of earnings on cryptocurrency. The matter is that for the entire period of the existence in one year the cryptocurrency yet never fell rather initial price of purchase. Yes, it is unconditional, the periods of falling happen. But if to analyze the period in one year, then you won’t find any cryptocurrency which would fall in price in one year (except for only several projects).

Besides, nobody knows that he happens tomorrow. As well as in any investment business you face certain risks, but the positive moment of investment into cryptocurrency are schedules of growth lately. It is possible to keep cryptocurrency all this long period both on your cryptocurrency wallets, and on the account at the exchanges. But if you decide to keep cryptocurrency at the exchange, then it is better to do it at several exchanges at once (in more detail about it it is possible to read here).

Now you know how to earn on cryptocurrency by means of three various ways. Remember that if you already finally have decided on the choice of the way suitable you, then you don’t hurry. Study information in more detail. With it you with pleasure will be helped by our website.

Good luck to you in your earnings!

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