Ethereum Seeks To Reach A New Historical Maximum


The rate of the second largest crypto currency, Ethereum, is likely to reach a historic high in the near future. The sharp rise in the cost is due to the recent assignment of Ethereum to a higher valuation than bitcoin, by the rating agency Weiss.

Independent American rating agency Weiss Ratings published several days ago the results of the investment analysis of 74 crypto-currencies, according to which Ethereum and EOS received a rating of “B”, and bitcoin “C +”. Analysts justified such assessments with big bitcoin problems with scalability, network delays, and management.

By the way, none of the 74 crypto-currencies was able to get the “A” rating. The “B-” ratings were awarded to Cardano and Neo, and “C-” received Bitcoin Cash, and “D” received Novacoin and Salus.

“Estimates A and B can be interpreted as recommendations for purchase. At the same time, investors should not worry too much about the C rating – it means that the asset should be held. Estimates D and E mean that it is better to sell the currency, “Weiss representatives explained.

This analysis was carried out taking into account 4 indices: risk and benefit indices, as well as the main and technological index.

At the moment, according to Coinmarketcap, Ethereum is trading at a price of $ 1,199. Recall that the historical record of the crypto currency is $ 1,420.

The aggregate market capitalization of the Crypto-currency at the time of writing is $ 572 billion. The index of dominance of bitcoin is 33.4%, Ethereum – 20%, Ripple – 9%.

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