Everything You Need to Know About MoneroV


MoneroV (XMV) is an anonymous crypto currency, which is the fork of another anonymous Montero crypto currency (XMR). The fork will take place at block 1529810 (around March 14, 2018), when MoneroV miners will begin to open blocks in the MoneroV network.

MoneroV will contain the history of all Monero transactions up to block 1529810, and all Monero tokens holders (XMR) will receive MoneroV (XMV) coins in the ratio 1 XMR = 10 XMV after fork.

MoneroV Features

  • Limited emission: MoneroV adheres to the basic principles of the Austrian school of economics, and limits the total number of MoneroV coins that can be produced. This is the main difference from the “parent” crypto currency.
  • Safe: since MoneroV is built on the basis of a decentralized peer-to-peer blockbuster.
  • Anonymous: MoneroV is really anonymous. All addresses, as well as amounts in all transactions, go through the obfuscation procedure. A person’s identity can not be identified and associated with a transaction on the MoneroV unit.

Obfuscation (from Latin obfuscience – obscure, obscure, and obfuscate – to make it unobvious, confusing, confusing) or obfuscating the code – bringing the source code or executable code of the program to a form that preserves its functionality, but hinders analysis, understanding of work algorithms and modification during decompilation.

How can I get MoneroV?

Anyone who owns Monero before the fork that will happen on block 1529810 (~ March 14, 2018) will become MoneroV owner and will receive MoneroV (XMV) coins in the ratio 1 XMR = 10 XMV. For example, if you own 1 Monero coin (XMR) before fork, you will own 10 MoneroV (XMV) after fork.

If you keep your Monero coins in a place that does not give you access to private keys, for example, an exchanger or some kind of purse, whether you get a new crypto currency or not will depend on them.

How does MoneroV differ from Monero?

  • MoneroV has a limited emission unlike Monero.
  • MoneroV will focus on making it difficult to mine this crypto currency using botnets or browser users who are unaware of this. This is one of the main problems faced by the original Montero crypto currency.
  • MoneroV will have a special fund for financing development and development. The development of Monero is funded exclusively through voluntary donations.
  • In addition, MoneroV intends to implement a new protocol that will solve the scaling problem faced by Monero and other crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin. Detailed information on this can be found in the MoneroV road map: https://monerov.org/MoneroV-Roadmap.pdf.

How do I store XMR to make sure I get XMV?

Any wallet that gives you access to private keys is good for storing XMR in order to get MoneroV.

When will the MoneroV purse appear?

The official Monero wallet will be released a few days after the fork, as compilation and setup can occur only after block 1529810.

Total information

  • The total issue is 256 million XMV.
  • The funds that will go into circulation right after the fork are about 158 ​​million XMV (10 times more than the amount of XMR).
  • Algorithm Proof of Work – CryptoNight (which will be changed in the post)
  • The recalculation of the complexity is on each block.
  • Time of block appearance – every 2 minutes.
  • The reward for the block is a gradual decline.
  • The block size is dynamic.

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