Hackers Bottom of Cryptocurrency Via Android Smartphones and Smart TV


It is not news that cryptocurrency mining is a serious business. Trying to get maximum profits, miners invent all sorts of ways to install software for mining crypto-currencies in computers about anything unsuspecting users. Smart TVs (Smart TV) and smartphones on Android have become a new “home” for malware mining cryptocurrency monero. This tells the website btcmanager.com.



Recently, Chinese researchers from Netlab360 found that hackers turn a gadget that has access to the Internet, tools for mining Monero. According to the website CNET, hackers have installed malware on thousands of smartphones on Android and smart TVs, and use the resources of these devices for mining.

On February 4, 2018, a 360Netlab cybersecurity lab employee Wang Hui wrote on his blog that he began to rapidly spread cryptocurrency mining SOFTWARE, known as ADB.Miner. FOR rapidly reproduced, using the reproduction debugging interface ADB on port 5555.

In fact, the SOFTWARE operates an open port used to communicate the device with the network. Cybercriminals search for devices connected to the Internet through port 5555, and find, in the process, unprotected smartphones on Android and smart TVs.

To date, thousands of devices have been attacked. Cybercriminals managed to get into the vast network of gadgets and used their computing power to mine cryptocurrency monero. Members of the team Netlab360 say:

“Malicious code is now actively distributed, and in a day managed to infect more than 5000 devices. Infected devices, in turn, are equally active in distributing malware.”

Cyber security experts believe that port 5555 was not opened by the hackers themselves. Experts say:

“5555 ADB interfaces of these devices have already been opened before they were infected. We do not know how and when the port was opened.”

It seems that it is easier for attackers to mine cryptocurrency with the help of SOFTWARE deployed on the network than to attack computers and demand ransom. 31 Jan 2018 BTCManager announced that hackers have embedded software for mining, monero in promotional materials YouTube.

Although it is limited to the use of system resources users for mining cryptocurrency, it is necessary to be vigilant, updating software to protect against malware.

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