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HASHFLARE.IO: Cloud Mining, Time-Tested


Today we want to tell you about a reliable project cloud mining – Hashflare, which is located on the website hashflare.io. Project time and with his stable payments has proved its reliability for the investment of available funds. But if you have not yet become a client of this service, our small review will help you to understand the intricacies, invest and receive passive income.

About the Team Hashflare

This is one of the few truly reliable cryptocurrency mining projects. The headquarters of this service is located in Tallinn (Tartu mnt 43, Tallinn 10128, Estonia), which means that the activities of this company fall under the jurisdiction of the EU and Estonian legislation. Hashflare is a subsidiary of HashCoins that specializiruetsya on software development for the cloud mining of crypto-currencies, as well as software products based on blockchain for corporate and government needs.

Unlike other services mining bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other e-currencies, Hashflare works officially and openly, for this is the presence of a Bank account and receiving a payment for power sold by Bank cards of international payment systems. Please note that without full verification (identification) by the Bank of the legal entity, this resource would not be able to accept payment cards and receive the acquiring service from the Bank (the service of technological, information service of payments for transactions that are carried out using Bank payment cards).

Registration on the Site

To get started with this resource you need to complete a short registration. To do this you go to the home page of the website Hashflare, click on the link “REGISTER” and fill out the registration form.

After filling in the form and clicking “REGISTER” you will be taken to ” My account».

My account has a “friendly” interface, at the same time, at each stage of working with this service you will see tips and explanations.

And don’t forget to check your mailbox that you provided during registration as it is gonna get a letter.

You should definitely confirm your e-mail in order to avoid problems with the withdrawal of income to your wallet, as it is to this address will receive letters from this resource with a request to confirm the withdrawal of funds that you will be credited to the balance every day from the date of purchase of the first contract.

It should be noted that part of the contracts is designed for 1 year of operation, and accordingly for income, and some contracts have indefinite lines for cryptocurrency mining. Open-ended contracts mean that they will work and bring you income for a long period, i.e. until income from mining under this contract, not the Statute, less the cost of equipment and maintenance of this contract. In reality, open-ended contracts will be profitable for several years.

The second step towards passive income is to purchase the first contract. Please note that for different contracts the price and profitability are different, which depends on various reasons, including the type of cryptocurrency and the complexity of its production process.

For example, you have decided to buy the capacity to produce a new promising cryptocurrency DASH. In “Personal Cabinet” select the desired contract (in this example, X11 (DASH) – 1year):

  • Click on the graphic icon to buy.
  • Choose the right amount of power by moving the slider to the right.
  • Press the “Next” button.

In the new window you will be able to choose your preferred payment method. The number of types of payments on this site pleased. The following payment methods are available on this website:

pay from your account balance in this service; using bitcoin wallet; payment via EMC; payment by Bank transfer; payment by credit card of international payment systems Visa International or MasterCard Worldwide; payment by Payeer or via Webmoney payment system.

After the payment is completed, you will receive an email confirming the purchase of capacity. Also, in your account you can see the purchased power and the next day the first transfer of money to your balance in this account.

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The Pros and Cons of the Service

The Pros of the Project:

  • A good selection of electronic cryptocurrencies for mining. You can get the most popular e-currencies: BTC, ETHEREUM, DASH.
    One of the lowest contract prices on the market. To start working with this resource, it is enough to buy capacities for $ 1.2.
  • Instant connection. Cryptocurrency mining will begin immediately after the payment of capacity, and the first cash receipts will be credited to your balance within 24 hours.
  • Unlimited period of profit. Some types of contracts work indefinitely (scrypt cloud mining and SHA-256 cloud mining).
  • Immediate withdrawal. You will receive funds within a few seconds after confirmation of your payment, by clicking on the hyperlink, which will be listed in the text of the letter from this service.
  • Detailed statistics are available to you. You get full information about your account, payments received and the current balance.
  • Power distribution. You can distribute your power for different pools in order to optimize and increase profitability from the contract.
  • The fixed fee. This service has no hidden fees for maintenance of mining equipment and cash withdrawals.
  • Multilingual: a website Hashflare.io has been translated into 11 languages, including in English and Russian languages.

The Cons of the Project:

  • Slowness. On the downside, we get some slowness teams Hashflare. Thus, some other teams for the extraction of cryptocurrencies react more quickly to changes in the market and the emergence of new cryptocurrencies. Perhaps this is due to the desire of this team to reinsure and reduce the risks associated with investments in new equipment and new cryptocurrencies.
  • There is no automatic withdrawal. Many cloud mining projects have the ability to withdraw revenue by transferring funds from the balance sheet to your personal BTC-wallet automatically. But, unfortunately, Hashflare gives you the opportunity to get money in automatic mode when reaching a certain amount.

With the calculator You can calculate your income.

Income Payment

Withdrawal of funds in this project is carried out in “manual” mode. At the same time, the payment of income in each contract occurs independently of other contracts.

To pay the income from this popular resource, you need to click on the “Output”button next to the relevant contract. If there are enough funds for withdrawal, you will see a form (in the figure below), which shows the total amount of the balance in this cryptocurrency, the amount of the Commission for withdrawal and transfer of currency, as well as the amount of payment that should come to your wallet. If you agree to continue this operation, you should confirm this transaction by clicking the “Output”button.

The last step for payment it remains to check the mail and seeing a letter from Hashflare to follow the link from this. After that, your wallet in the appropriate currency will receive payment. Usually it takes 5-10 seconds from the moment of switching over the hyperlink.

And do not forget that if you do not specify in the settings of “Personal account” wallet for withdrawal, you will not be able to carry out this operation.

Additional Information

Remember that changing the wallet address in your account settings blocks withdrawal for 2 weeks after its change. This is due to the security policy on this Internet portal to protect your money from unauthorized account hacking.
From time to time, this web portal hosts promotions and additional opportunities for income in various cryptocurrencies, the appearance of which you will be notified by this web portal. Especially nice messages with codes for additional discounts when buying new contracts, discount which can reach 25%, which allows you to return the invested funds much faster.

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