IBM urged the US government to move on to blochchain

IBM Urged the US Government to Move On to Blockchain


The company notes that the US government needs to understand that the Blockchain is more than the technology behind crypto-currencies. According to representatives of the company, Blockchain-technology will help officials save money and time, while the level of security of government data will increase, writes Сomputer World.

The interest of the US leadership in the Blockchain is beneficial first of all to IBM itself. The company is on the expanding list of those who offer the Blockchain as a service (BaaS). This approach allows organizations to test the possibilities of the Blockchain without deploying global research and attracting research budgets.

At a meeting of the government’s Committee on Science, Space and Technology, IBM spokesman Jerry Cuomo said that the Blockchain is today “transforming” technology. Only IBM is currently involved in 400 projects from a wide range of fields – from medicine to finance. Cuomo considers it incorrect that, with the general interest of both the international community and local business, the US government abstracts from the situation. He advised the state not only to discuss the topic more actively, but also to implement the Blockchain decisions in its work.

Further, he presented examples of the introduction of technology around the world. First of all, it was pointed out that with its help it is possible to simplify all bureaucratic procedures, to reduce their cost and to improve the security and security of the most diverse data. At the same time, IBM advised not to take unnecessarily strict regulations on Blockchain, because they can completely stop the development. At the same time, Cuomo noted that the hype surrounding technology often hinders the real development and definition of worthwhile projects. Separate offshoots, for example, smart contracts, especially require the participation of the state, to introduce them into the legal field.

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