Is Litecoin The Future Of The Crypto Currency?

Is Litecoin The Future Of The Crypto Currency?


Despite the relative novelty of bitcoin (10 years), its hot popularity spawned a crypto-currency revolution and several competitors. The influx of new money from both retail investors and institutional structures means that these alternative crypto-currencies or “altcoyins” have the opportunity to develop. One of the most notable among them is Litecoin, in terms of mass attractiveness, market capitalization and opportunities for adoption.

Despite the fact that traders do not fully understand the differences between the DNA of Litecoin and Bitcoin, they are increasingly moving to Litecoin. Litecoin is also available as bitcoin, because it has been a central element in the market for almost as long.

In addition to the obvious advantages in terms of design and commercial appeal, the participants themselves benefit from the ecosystem due to the growing introduction of e-commerce. As one of the main crypto currencies, Litecoin is quickly becoming a contender for the top 3, even as a financing instrument.

Platforms such as Bankex almost unanimously accept Litecoin, because many customers will exchange their crypto-currencies for Litecoin pending the transaction. Until the Lightning Network is a playground, investors may prefer ICO funding with Litecoin to save on fees.

Although Ethereum is still the leader in fundraising, Litecoin is rapidly developing in this direction. Therefore, we can say that lightcoin has more potential than its older brother (Bitcoin).

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