Leading CNBC bought Ripple for bitcoins on the air of the telecast


The large US media CNBC caused a stir by issuing a step-by-step instruction on the acquisition of Ripple on the crypto currency exchange Poloniex.

Previously, it would hardly have been possible to see something like this on television, but host Brian Kelly used screenshots of the Poloniex application table for detailed training of viewers for the purchase of XRP tokens.

Then he demonstrated real-time trading by exchanging 3 BTCs for XRP.

“I bought all these Ripples – so it’s simple and fast,” Kelly commented.

Fast Money segment CNBC is often criticized for its rather propagandistic rather than informational focus, and this is not the first time that the company openly propiopila certain crypto currency in its material.

In December, on the air and in social networks, there was an open pro-Bitcoin Cash content, which caused serious suspicions from the crypto-currency community.

About the Future of Ripple

The astronomical growth of the XRP course recently surprised quite a lot many crypto currency users who are interested in the usefulness of the token itself, rather than the Ripple platform. By the way, doing business with Ripple does not imply mandatory investment in XRP.

However, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, remains adamant that the use of XRP will hit the bitcoin:

“A lot of talk about speculation around XRP is due to the fact that bitcoin will not be something like a cure for all diseases for a blockage, as many thought before. Instead, you have a solution to a specific problem. XRP solves the problem of payments, and it does it very effectively. “

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