Mining prevents to reveal extraterrestrial civilizations

Mining Prevents to Reveal Extraterrestrial Civilizations


After so heavy for all cryptocurrencies January, when the loss of some coins exceeded half the cost, today’s figures are just balm for the soul!

Dissolving their peacock tails, critics were forced to shut up and admit finally that the crypto currency is here and they will not go anywhere. So to act would be wise, but for someone – not interesting. Perhaps, to somehow have fun, or not to surrender their positions it is difficult to name the exact reason, but critics have advanced a new claim. Now it’s not a bubble, but in aliens – if it were not mining, they would have already discovered them! As we know, critics are serious people, they can not just say something without giving arguments! Do you want to know them? We’ll tell you.

Complaints came from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), it was allegedly impossible to acquire the necessary resources for research, – all that was so kindly provided on the world market was bought out by the miners. Not a single chip is left! And aliens can already be somewhere nearby …

“We would like to use the latest graphics processors, but we could not get them,” said SEBC researcher Dan Werthimer. “This problem only arose with the orders we have been trying to make over the past 10 weeks.”

Although Bitcoin and other coins that work on ASIC-compatible hash algorithms, and do not intrigue now with video cards, many networks, primarily Ethereum, remain resistant to ASICs, which makes mining still a lucrative business.

As we have already reported, demand for video cards has increased sharply, especially after the rise in prices for cryptocurrencies, and the recent correction of the market did not reduce it at all. As a result, the lack of GPU caused the anger of gamers, and now here and the seekers of extraterrestrial life.

SETI, as well as other observatories, depend on the GPUs they need to scan data from the listening arrays while trying to intercept extraterrestrial communications.

“In SETI, we need to look at as many frequency channels as possible, because we do not know at what frequency the signal will be transmitted and what type of signal they use for communication,” explained Dr. Vertimer, who is the principal scientist at the Berkeley SETI research center.

However, recently scientists were forced to pay heavily when buying new chips, if they ever found them.

“This situation binds our hands. How can we answer the questions: “Are we alone in the universe? Is there anyone there? “, – complained Vertimer.

Of course, the demand for video cards is likely to decrease, as Bitmain and other manufacturers of equipment for mining will develop ASIC for more Proof-of-Work (PoW) hashing algorithms.

So far, however, it seems that the search for extraterrestrial civilizations has come to a standstill.

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