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Overview of Gems Blockchain Project and Details of ICO


Gems – one of the last sentences of the tokens, and perhaps a revolutionary new product. While the details of the ICO are not known, so in the article we will tell more about the project itself.

Briefly About the Project

The idea behind Decentralised Mechanical Turk is to enable employers to find the right employees quickly and at any time to perform tasks that people can do better than computers (an analogue of the Amazon Mechanical Turk project and Toloka from Yandex). For those who perform mirozdanija (fills out surveys or doing data entry), this is a great opportunity to increase your earnings.

Gems aims to create a similar service built on blockchain technology. A simple idea of a large-scale project. However, the Gems development team seems highly experienced and should ensure success.

Will THERE be Demand for Gem Token

Considering the possibility of investing in ICO, the first thing to assess is whether the demand for the proposed cryptocurrency. No one can predict the future, but it seems that there will be demand in this market.

Gems is designed as a specific means of payment for performing micro-tasks, which increases the ability of this token to save cost and be stable, unlike competitors.

Gems Features

The reason for the ineffectiveness of existing sites for customers and performers of micro-tasks is the low level of convenience. The available interfaces for performers are difficult to use, at a time when they should be accessible to people with only basic knowledge in the field of computer literacy. It is well known that the mechanical Turk from Amazon is quite outdated, and the Crowdflower markup language (CML) is of little use to save query time.

Users of both platforms are forced to spend an incredible amount of time and resources to create their own interfaces, because there is no acceptable ready-made means to perform tasks of increased complexity.

Moreover, due to the uniqueness of each individual customer’s UI/UX, employees lose time. Accuracy also suffers because of the need to adapt to different and incompatible interfaces. Therefore, the performers do less work and earn less, and customers pay for the inefficiently used time.

Open reusable Gems interfaces, called Gems modules, are the solution to this problem.

Platform Modules

Gems modules are interfaces embedded on top of the Gems platform, which miners (as in Gems called task executors) will use to work. The developers of the Gems will release the modules UI/UX reusable open source components that will allow you to easily collect the needed modules.

Gems team will actively work with the first customers, UI/UX specialists and designers to create interfaces and their components, which will be at the same time clear, customizable and covering all the requirements and wishes of the current and future market of microloans. Since all components will be open source, third-party developers will also be able to contribute to the development of the project, while having motivation.

Gems modules allow customers to quickly and efficiently create both simple and complex micro-tasks. The executors will get many advantages from the openness of the code and the possibility of its repeated use. The workflow will be put on stream due to the large number of compatible, well-designed and easy to use UI/UX. Miners will be able to perform tasks faster, which will increase their productivity and earnings. The tasks themselves are clear, that will raise the level of precision of their execution and accessibility for potential performers.

Unlike centralized platforms, Gems sees the benefit of creating a fully open source project. The decentralized nature of Gems will help to develop the network effect within the platform. The aim of the developers is to replace inefficient solutions in this market such that will allow miners to earn more, and customers to use the resources more constructively.

ICO Gems

Very little is known about the upcoming ICO. Details should appear soon.

The token symbol will be GEM, it will be issued on the basis OF the erc20 standard. To buy, you can use Ethereum. Period: end of January-beginning of February 2018. About any bonus programs is also not known. The Gems community in Telegram has more than 22,000 followers on Twitter – 3,000.

The roadmap on the company’s website indicates the period from December 14, 2017 to 11:59 on January 8, 2018, as the time of the program aimed at the formation of the Gems community. Participation in this program will provide an opportunity to buy gem tokens during the pre-sale. In mid-January, members of the community Gems will receive an email notification about the beginning of the period Pre-sale. Also at this time, tokens will be allocated for contribution to the development of the community.


Summing up, we can say that Gems aimed at solving the problem of reducing the size of commissions, facilitating payments and greater efficiency, using blockchain technology. The project will enable people with a computer and the Internet to work, and receive payment even without a Bank account. Given the great potential of this market and a strong team of developers and advisors, ICO Gems can be successful.

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