Perspective Altcoins – Stellar Lutens


We continue to talk about promising crypto-currency projects, which can take a really important place in the history of market development. And today the turn came to extremely interesting platform Stellar and digital currency Stellar Lumens.

  • Programming language – C ++
  • Developers – Stellar Development Foundation
  • The authors are Jed McCaleb, Joyce Kim

A bit of history

The Stellar platform was founded in 2014 as a branch from Ripple. The first time the basis for the platform was the Ripple protocol, however, in 2015, Stellar’s own open source protocol was created. And the digital currency of the site was the Crypto currency Stellar Lumens or XLM.

The decision to secede from Ripple was made because of the latter’s allegations of strong centralization with authoritarian control, as the Ripple platform is managed by the commercial structure of Ripple Labs, which owns a large number of XRP tokens.

Features of the project

Stellar Lumens is a completely decentralized consensus open source platform. It can transfer any kinds of currencies between people, companies and financial institutions. The speed of the platform already now amounts to several thousand transactions per second, and the transaction confirmation time is only 2-5 seconds. At the same time Stellar is equipped with a built-in decentralized exchange, which can be used to trade any currencies and assets.

Briefly about the features of the Stellar network:

  • Thousands of transactions per second;
  • Very fast transaction confirmation;
  • Supports all kinds of currencies, tokens and other assets;
  • Open source;
  • Simple, clean API;
  • Multi-signature and clever contracts;
  • Decentralized distributed database;
  • Used SCP instead of Proof-of-Work;
  • A total of 100 billion XLM tokens have been created;
  • Annual inflation is 1%;
  • You can transfer and receive absolutely any currency;
  • Coins do not janitsya, they were released immediately after the launch of the network;
  • The majority of coins are held by the non-profit foundation Stellar.org.

As for the Stellar.org Foundation, it is a non-profit organization that provides the Stellar network. Its tasks include financing developers, developing the network, adherence to the principles of openness and accessibility. Recently, many crypto-currency companies resort to this form of management, as it supports the principles of decentralization and acts in the interests of the community. However, other cases are known. For example, the same Tezos.

Where can I buy

XLM tokens can be purchased on the following exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Bitcoin Indonesia, AEX, RippleFox, Stellar Decentralized Exchange, Exrates, BCEX, Bitstamp, Mr. Ripple, Gatehub, CoinEgg, Qryptos.

How to store

Desktop wallets – Ledger, Stellar Desktop Client, Stargazer.

Mobile wallets – Lobstr, Papaya, Stargazer, Centaurus.

Web wallets – Stronghold, StellarTerm, Blackwallet, LuPoEx, Lobstr, SAZA, Papaya.

Useful links

Stellar website – https://www.stellar.org

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/stellarfoundation

Twitter – https://twitter.com/stellarorg

GitHub – https://github.com/stellar

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/

Slack channel – http://slack.stellar.org

The increase in the value of Stellar tokens has recently shown a staggering growth. And it’s not just that. In October of this year, IBM, together with Stellar, successfully launched cross-border payments using the project’s crypto currency. A few days ago, Kik reported that it would transfer its Kin tokens from the Ethereum network to the Stellar platform. Also the partners of the project are Tempo Money Transfer, ICICI Bank, Flutterwave, Coins.ph.

In general, this project is very promising, because it is constantly in development since its inception and has real value for society. That is why the cost of the XLM token will most likely be pleasant to shock us every time when the developers once again please everyone with yet another achievement. And moreover, this platform looks very confident in a number of projects-competitors Ethereum.

Disclaimer: Before investing any funds in ICO or any other investment projects, make sure that you invest in a reliable start-up that will honestly work out the money invested in it. Check the project documentation, the team, review the references to the project in reliable media sources, and evaluate the prospects of the idea itself.

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