Most Popular Processing Terms

Processing Terms


Most Popular Processing Terms

Hard Fork

A Hard Fork is the name given when there has been a change in regards to the protocol used for any one single cryptocurrency, the nodes for that Hard Fork will also need changing too.


When you are performing for example Ethereum trades then there is a gas price for doing so and they tend to be measured in a denomination of Ether which is commonly known as Gwei.


When you perform transactions using a digital currency then Gas refers to the processing required to perform that transactions which is then charged to the user of that cryptocurrency.

Fiat Currency

Every country of the world will have its own Fiat Currency, and that is simply the currency that has been chosen to be legal tender in that country to buy goods or pay for services.


The term Cryptography is one you will often hear in the cryptocurrency environment and it simple the process of using codes and ciphers to encrypt and also to decrypt information.


To solve a range of different problems an algorithm can be devised which will enable anyone to be able to solve such a problem in a fast and efficient way with no errors or mistakes.


An airdrop is a unique way of sending a cryptocurrency to the people living in one or more countries and distributing the coins amongst those citizens it as a method devised in 2014.

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