What prospects of Ripple according to experts?

What Prospects of Ripple According to Experts?


Most of experts agree in opinion that the price of Ripple by the end of the year considerably will grow.

For example, Samson Williams, the executive director on strategy (CSO) in the Irish firm Fintech SeedUps, predicts that the price of XRP will reach 16 US dollars by December of this year.

The majority of forecasts of the price of XRP agree on growth in 540%, i.e. by the end of the year the price will reach about 6 dollars. Nevertheless, Williams who is also a partner of the consulting company Axes and Eggs working in the sphere a blockchain and cryptocurrencies considers that this year Ripple is necessary phenomenal growth:

It is not cryptocurrency in classical understanding of this word, it is a child of banks. Thus, she naturally will grow up during recession of 2018.

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Other analysts agree that the price of Ripple will grow, however, according to them growth rates will be others. For example, Joseph Rachinsky considers that listing can quite send the price of XRP to a mark of 5 US dollars to Coinbase:

In my opinion, it can occur if Coinbase adds this cryptocurrency to the listing. I assume that it happens in the next several months and in this case it is difficult to predict to what level Ripple will grow. I think that it will positively affect all cryptocurrency market. If it doesn’t happen, I think that the price will remain in the range from 0,80 to 1,50 US dollars.

Most of experts agree in opinion that the price of Ripple by the end of the year considerably will grow.

News about new partners of Ripple appear nearly an every week, and it certainly is useful both for the company, and for the cryptocurrency of the same name. Western Union is one of many, but probably the biggest company with which Ripple has concluded the agreement recently.

Maximum price which XRP at the moment was succeeded to reach is 3.8 US dollars. However since then the price has fallen almost three times and at the moment fluctuates around dollar.

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