Security Terms

Security Terms


Most Popular Security Terms


There is a requirement for businesses, banks and companies to be aware of their customers when performing financial transactions with then and that process is Know Your Customer or KYC.


The Deepweb refers to a part on the world wide web that is never indexed by search engines, and as such the content found on that part of the web is hard to find and often illegal.

DDoS Attack

As mentioned above a DDoS Attack is a target attack that is often performed for a financial gain by the perpetrators on any type of website or web service and is completely illegal.


This term means Distributed Denial of Service which is an organised and targeted cyber attack used to completely tie up the resources of a website or any type of web service.


The term Dapp simply refers to the decentralised way in which the blockchain application exits and they have proven to offer a 100% uptime and are therefore highly reliable.

Double Spending

When someone is guilty of Double Spending they have tried to spend the same Bitcoin twice, the whole mining and blockchain system is in place to prevent someone doing so.

Cold Storage

When you want to keep your cryptocurrency holdings offline and safe then you put them into cold storage which could be using a QR Code or storing them on a USB Drive.


To stop the possibility of anyone or any organisation laundering money many countries have adopted their own unique set of AML’s which simply means anti money laundering laws.

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