Selection of HashFlare: 5 promising Cryptocurrency 2018


Now in the digital market you can see a huge selection of crypto-currencies, and it becomes more difficult to understand them. The cloud-based HashFlare service made up its top 5 most promising cryptovadutes in 2018. To date, these altcoys are not yet very popular, but they are very promising at the beginning of the new year. The criteria for selecting HashFlare were simple: the multiple growth of the exchange rate against the US currency and the rapidly growing multibillion-dollar capitalization. So, the top five in the opinion of HashFlare included:

1. Ripple (XRP). Ripple is a crypto exchange for payment services, but part of this exchange is the XRP crypto currency, which exists only within the Ripple system.

2. IOTA – the crypto-currency of the Internet of things, the basis of which is the distributed magazine Tangle, and not the block. Now the volatility of this crypto currency is high and has already reached 3-4 dollars per coin.

3. Factom, whose market capitalization has already reached $ 668 million.

4. NEO – crypto currency from China. The main advantage of the currency is the lack of a single center for management and control by the authorities. The growth rate of this coin is affected by the fact that the developers agree with the Chinese authorities on cooperation.

5. NEM – in 2015, this currency has become popular in Japan, and now its popularity is growing in other countries. Its capitalization is now $ 14 billion.

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However, a reliable crypto-currency portfolio also requires reliable assets. According to HashFlare, already time-tested currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash must necessarily be in the investor’s cryptocurrency portfolio.

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