Bitcoin Fell Below The Mark Of 8 Thousand Dollars

Bitcoin Fell Below The Mark Of 8 Thousand Dollars


Bitcoin abruptly loses weight. The most popular crypto currency in the world is getting cheaper. Bitcoin fell below the mark of 8 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin on two dozen trading floors lost in price more than 17 percent. Its value fell below 7 thousand 790 dollars, RIA Novosti reported. Since mid-December 2017 bitkoin managed to break through the level of 20 thousand dollars.

The collapse and the market of other crypto-currencies. At the same time, their fall is even more dramatic. Ethereum collapsed by 32.75 percent. Now, only $ 757.98 is given for one currency. Ripple lost even more. The fall is more than 38 percent. Now Ripple costs only 64 cents. Bitcoin Cash sank 27.5 percent. One unit of this crypto currency is now valued at 980 dollars.

The share of bitcoin is approximately 34% of the entire market of crypto-currencies, and the entire market of crypto-currencies is estimated at $ 310.87 billion. Crisis situation gives the fact that only the day before the indicator was almost 511 billion dollars. That is, the market lost $ 200 billion.

The mood of investors in the market of crypto-currencies was affected by news about the tightening of the regulation of the crypto-currency market around the world, primarily in the US, China and South Korea.

In addition, traders were adversely affected by reports of the theft of 527 million dollars from the Japanese exchange Coincheck in late January 2018. On January 31, the Facebook social network banned the advertising of crypto-currencies, ICO (the procedure for the initial placement of tokens) and binary options in the framework of a new policy that calls for a fight against “misleading” advertising.

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