Tone Weiss: the price of bitcoin will double by the end of 2018

Tone Weiss: The Price of Bitcoin Will Double by The End of 2018


The well-known trader and analyst Ton Weis gave a “moderate” forecast for 2018, saying that the price of bitcoin would reach $ 25,000. He stressed that it is too early to speak about six-figure figures in the current conditions. This is reported by NewsBTC.

According to Weiss, a more accurate forecast can be made after the stabilization of the crypto-currency market, which experienced a large-scale correction and outflow of capital. At the same time, he is convinced of the relatively rapid recovery of bitcoin.

He is echoed by the well-known financial analyst, crypto-enthusiast and founder of investment firm Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas said that bitcoin will reach $ 28,000 throughout the current year.

However, not all experts agree with this opinion. The strategic director of financial company Meraglim, James Rickards, believes that the current price of bitcoin is too high, so he remains a staunch supporter of the bearish trend.

“I do not understand how anyone justifies such high predictions. I think that the bitcoin rate will go to around $ 200. After that, only criminals will use it, and the price will continue to fall, “he stressed.

Earlier, Ronnie Moas said that bitcoin would become “the most valuable currency in the world” and its price would reach $ 400,000.


It is also worth noting that Bitcoin Foundation’s executive director, Lew Klaasen, predicted bitcoin for $ 40,000 by the end of the year and the collapse of altcoyins.

Let’s add, the price bitcoin again overcame the mark of $ 10,000.

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