Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2018

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2018: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin


Cryptocurrency can be created both from scratch and on the basis of existing technology (source code). The idea includes the principle of cryptography, creating a digital signature. In this case, transactions are safe. In other words, this kind of digital money can not be stolen, although after 7-10 years, it is possible the emergence of quantum hacking technologies.

In 2017, the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased significantly. At the same time, many other projects showed significant growth. Starting with just a couple of dollars per token, they are now traded on the stock exchange for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is very important that the virtual currency had some kind of “chip”. It determines its value, popularity, demand. There are both” overheated ” and undervalued positions. In General, the situation is very similar to that observed on a regular stock market every day: some stocks rise in price because of speculative actions, and others-begin to show real profitability.

There is a perception that the cryptocurrency is not backed by anything. In fact, it is not quite so. Today, the top cryptocurrencies of 2018 are based on unique technologies, ideas and proposals. Another thing is that all this can not be touched, and therefore there is a feeling of ephemerality. At the same time, leading market experts often estimate the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin at $ 100,000 per token. The value is due to the limited possibility of extraction.

Other virtual means of payment also can rapidly soar in price. For example, if a well-known person, to whom there is confidence in the society, will announce plans to create and enter the ICO of a new project. However, there are more serious reasons for the increase in the price of tokens. One of them can be considered the introduction of innovations. If you look through the lists of those cryptocurrencies that are currently traded on the stock exchange, among more than 1,500 options, many have an idea or potential for technical progress. Of course, most cryptocurrencies will remain “garbage” and useless. However, the most promising will still receive their share of attention, will be able to capitalize well and even grow in price.

We make a Rating of Cryptocurrencies Based on Important Indicators

No one can make an accurate forecast that would ensure that the cryptocurrency from the TOP 10 in 2018 will bring income. However, you can make your own rating, based on objective data.

Indicators that should be targeted in the first place:

Trends in the past. All experts agree that the most risk – free way to take into account past performance. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum have grown in the past year by hundreds of percent. Now many cryptocurrencies are showing a decline, but this is no reason to abandon them at all. In any case, the market has confidence in the already tested coins, and therefore even if the indicators will subside, they have every chance to show growth again after a period of time.

Capitalization. The higher it is at the time of entry into the ICO, the more chances the cryptocurrency has to take off. In other words, the more money is invested in the project, the less chance that it will burn out. Therefore, when choosing a tool should take into account the reputation of its creators. If a large company, a community of it professionals with good financial support, or even an entire state are involved in the issue, the chances of losing ground decrease.

An idea that is at the core. The most promising cryptocurrencies are those that are based on an idea that is highly anticipated by society. For example, an alternative telecommunications network with kopeck tariffs or a system that offers anonymity. The more complex the task the technology is designed to solve, the more chances that the market will appreciate it.

Transaction cost and speed. If the transfer of any amount is charged too much, the possibilities of cryptocurrency are limited, no matter how cool. Even if you take Bitcoin, one of the problems of its functioning is the cost of the transaction, which can be around 10 dollars. Of course, to buy an apartment for bitcoins is no longer a problem, but it is not necessary to talk about the consumer market of goods and services. Experts try to solve this problem, periodically announcing the emergence of forks (more sophisticated cryptocurrency technologies that are based on the old one).

The interest of international corporations. There are always undervalued and “overheated” assets. If some technology is well suited for the solution of global problems, it is unlikely to remain unnoticed. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the long-term perspective. For example, until now the banking sector is unable to cope with the problem of fast data transfer and instant payments. If a platform develops a solution for a particular business area, closes the pain and eliminates shortcomings, it has advantages over others.

Using the above indicators, as well as daily analyzing the market (for example, the site Happy Coin Club is constantly published fresh information), you can make your TOP 10 new and old cryptocurrencies 2018.

Promising cryptocurrencies in 2018

  1. Bitcoin. He is not going to take positions, and long-term forecasts say that the price will grow. You can also carefully consider the fork of this cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Cash. The cost of its transaction is less, and therefore it is not surprising that it is gaining in popularity. The price of Bitcoin Cash is low and ranges from 2-3 thousand dollars per 1 coin.
  2. Ethereum. A very popular cryptocurrency. According to expert forecasts, this year it will only grow – largely due to various technical solutions. For example, on the basis of the platform, you can create useful applications that are needed in forecasting events, can be used in financial management, the medical sphere. In addition, the platform itself allows for independent ICO, that is, to attract third-party funding.
  3. Ripple. It is not very expensive cryptocurrency, but in the long run it will surely show a good growth. In the current situation, to grow from a few cents to a couple of dollars per token allowed quite a clear precedent – it was announced about cooperation with several leading banks. Such a move only confirms the focus of the digital currency on the banking sector, because the idea is to reduce the cost of transactions and accelerate payment transactions.
  4. Monero. Since the beginning of 2018, the price of Monero increased by a couple of dozen dollars. There is no reason to believe that this growth will decline. Why? First, mining is available to individuals, because the price of mining is low. In addition, the idea is based on the anonymity of transactions and a special cipher, which is very valuable for many users.
  5. Waves. The predictions for this cryptocurrency is very optimistic. The idea is based on the concept of raising capital by means of ICO and issue their coins. Thanks to this, the largest crowdfunding sites in the world can compete substantially. The idea of the project, anyone can issue its own currency and sold the coins to raise funds needed to launch their own ideas.
  6. Stratis. Microsoft itself has already had time to show interest in the platform. Many say that this is the new Ethereum. The price is low, so you can have time to invest profitably.
  7. The TOP 10 most promising cryptocurrency comes in and TRON. Despite the relatively recent launch, some Asian entrepreneurs have already become interested in the platform. Apparently, the price of cryptocurrency will grow-the idea to safely store and view your own user content will certainly not leave indifferent investors in the future.
  8. Note the GRAM (TELEGRAM OPEN NETWORK). Although the full-fledged platform will be implemented only in a year, you can already think about buying tokens. The Creator of the cryptocurrency based on Telegram service Pavel Durov is known for his genius, and therefore the decision to invest in GRAM is not without sense.
  9. Litecoin. It is planned to separate from this new cryptocurrency – Litecoin Cash. In addition, Microsoft announced its interest in litecoin.
  10. In the TOP promising cryptocurrency 2018 includes Zcash. When making a transfer, the information is partially encrypted: the amount of the transfer, the sender and the recipient remain confidential.

Sum up

Not only blockchain technology is developing, but also other, more modern methods of data transmission. That is why it is impossible to rely solely on one single instrument. Cryptocurrency market analysts always insist on diversification of investments. In addition, it is necessary to constantly keep abreast of events. Some little-known coin can grow dozens of times in just a day. An important factor is the events that are not directly related to ICO or mining. If an interesting technology is developed, even an undervalued platform can receive investments from a reputable Bank or an international Corporation.

In our review we considered the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for 2018, which can show significant growth and to give investors a profit. But it is necessary to constantly monitor the situation on core resources. For example, the Happy Coin Club website presents up-to-date Analytics and articles with data collections for making your own forecasts.

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