Main Terms of Cryptocurrencies

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Main Terms of Cryptocurrencies

When for the first time you come on the exchange, it is possible to understand not at once what is meant by these numerous terms. The beginner very quickly can be lost in unclear words or, even worse, to make an inexcusable mistake. That it didn’t happen, it is worth reading attentively all terms which can meet on your way. Hashingnews have collected the list of terms. The value of terms was as much as possible simplified that any beginning trader could understand without special problems everything. Now analytical materials will become much simpler to be read and understood. The way to communication with other traders is open for you.

Ask – the price at which the seller agrees to sell currency.

Bid – the price at which the buyer agrees to buy currency.

Last — the final price of sale of an asset.

Limit buy (the limit warrant of buy) – the application for acquisition to the stated purchase at the specified cost or below. The trader can seize the opportunity if he considers that the price will fall to some level, and through some period there will be a rise again.

Limit sell (the limit warrant of sell) – the application for acquisition to the stated purchase at the specified cost or above. The trader can seize the opportunity if he considers that the price will raise to some level, and through some period there will be a decrease again.

The arbitration – currency moves from the market to other market that it was possible to get some profit because of a difference in rates, monetary courses or cost of goods \services.

Balance – the state of the account of the player. The balance doesn’t consider all operations which are made at the moment. When operations are complete, the account status will change. When receiving profit, the balance will become higher. If there are expenses, then the balance will become less.

Cryptocurrency exchange – the website where visitors can change one type of crypts for other cryptocurrency. Besides, here it is possible to make exchange of crypts for fiatny money.

The broker – the person who is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He some reward which is expressed in commission charges is earned.

Bulls – so call players who buy goods at low cost, and after a while sell it when it becomes more expensive. These players play only on price increase.

Bull candle – jump of a course up. At the same time there are two types of a color – black and red option.

Vangy – hamsters who weren’t lucky actively use this word, and they have lost. Thus, they try to console themselves or to guess the future course of the prices.

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The bucket – the term means the warrant for purchase which is exposed significantly less, than the current price. The reference point goes for large discharge during that instant when the personal computer has no player. The bucket needs to be put so that during strong falling of the prices in a bucket it has appeared so much how many and it was necessary before the prices fly up up.

Volatility – the statistical data showing the changes in price for a certain period of time. If fluctuations happen in the big range, then call it high volatility. If fluctuation range absolutely small, then it is called low volatility. It is one of the most important tools capable it is essential to reduce risks of use of the exchange.

Top – the candles casting shadows of one length. It means that in the market there is an uncertainty now.

The head and shoulders – the known technical analysis which a large number of traders uses. The figure resembles the person, thanks to lines of shoulders, necks and the heads in which outlines the little man is guessed.

The schedule of volume of trade – the statistical data showing all cryptocurrency which has been acquired \is sent to a concrete time span.

Dump – special sale of goods in large numbers. Becomes for the purpose of artificial decline in the rate in the short term.

The dealer – the worker of the website who carries out processings of inquiries of traders. He carries out orders of visitors which concern any trade operations.

Bottom – the smallest point where the course can fall to small term. After this small piece, the price will start raising over again. Anyway, decrease won’t happen any more.

Long top shadow of a candle – buyers have raised the prices to the maximum limit.

Long lower shadow of a candle – sellers have lowered the prices to the minimum limit.

Purchase – wholesale purchase at the exchange which is made on the most part of the money which is available on balance of the trader.

Closing of positions – is two look: long and short position. The first option means sale of an asset. The second option means acquisition of an asset.

Swing – small jumps of a course which happen in the certain small range. Similar jumps, as a rule, don’t influence anything.

Whale – so call the person who is not one year a trader. This is the skilled and knowing person.

Coefficient of Kalmar – the statistical data giving the chance to understand the relation of an opportunity to get profit with a possibility of losses of profit. It is necessary to carry out calculation for the period in three years or more.

Sharp’s coefficient – shows as far as all investments which are carried out by the trader were effective. The relation of an average award for risk and a deviation of a portfolio is calculated. Statistical data allow to define income in a month or for any necessary period of time.

Crypt – short designation of any cryptocurrency.

Long (long position) – acquisition of assets to invest money on a long-term basis. Very often in Long people who have got crypts at price peak move, but further couldn’t sell her at the right time.

Pour – skilled players and beginners who sell all the assets for once at any price

Mining – receiving a crypt when using computing power of the computer.

Manikhold – some interval of time when the trader can’t remove or enter funds for the exchange market.

Bears –  are people who play on reduction of prices. They specially beat down the price to a possible minimum.

Bear candle — jump of a course down. At the same time there are two types of a color – white and green option.

The warrant – the order which costs on acquisition or sale of concrete quantity of goods at the exchange. The warrant it is possible to call any order proceeding from the player to the broker. The order can concern not only acquisitions or sales of goods, and cancellation or change of already existing order. It is possible to allocate three types of the warrant: market, postponed and passive. The first option means that the application is exposed on urgent acquisition or currency sales at any price which is in the market. The second option means that the application has defined the parameters set by the trader. The application opens in that case when the market reaches that price which has been established in parameters. The third option means that the trader exposes the order for acquisition or sale currency at the current price or above, but not at the current market rate.

Pamp – big purchase of a crypt which is specially made for artificial increase in a course to the maximum interval.

Peak – the highest price during the concrete period of time. After the peak passes, the price begins to fall gradually.

Bubble – a special situation in the exchange, when demand for currency incredibly high. In this case, the price significantly becomes more. It causes great demand for this currency.

Candle – the statistical data showing the total amount of all perfect transactions at a certain exchange for a concrete interval of time.

Discharge – a special event when most of players, begin to sell crypts sharply. It leads, as a rule, to instant jump of exchange rate. In this situation the course can make jump down for 10-12%.

Snivel – the serious decline in the rate happening only in 5-15 minutes.

Spread – a difference between the best price of sale and acquisition of a crypt which the exchange offers on this interval of time. The spread can be two types: fixed and floating. The first option is meant that the value doesn’t change, even at serious changes in the financial world. In this case it is possible to know precisely that the cost of transactions will remain at the stable level, without sharp changes. The second option means that the value depends on market condition. It can change, especially at the moments of big volatility.

Glass – the total number of warrants on acquisition and return of a crypt or any other goods of the exchange.

Wall – very big warrant for acquisition or sale which can stop increase or decrease in a current rate.

Hairstyle – a special event at the exchange when skilled players intentionally leads the market to falling or increase in a course of a crypt that it was possible to earn on inexperienced players.

The candle body – shows a difference between the prices of opening and closing during the concrete period of time.

The candle shadow – shows all minima and maxima which are registered at the moment.

The trader – the person who makes operations at the exchange.

Trading – the work of the trader including the careful analysis of a situation in the financial market and commission of operations at the exchange.

Trend – the direction in which the prices at the moment move. If any subsequent maximum of a trend appears more, than previous, then the trend is called ascending (bull). If any subsequent minimum of a trend appears less, then the trend is called descending (bear). Besides, there is a side trend.

Management of the capital – the special tool allowing to operate better the investments. The tool includes a set of methods and measures which are directed to minimization of possible losses on purpose increase in finance.

Risk management – the special tool at the exchange allowing to limit financial losses of the trader.

Support level – a certain line where the price stops. It happens to the price moving in the lower direction. When she gets to this line, begins to increase gradually. On this line the number of the buyers capable if necessary to stop recession of the price has settled down definitely.

Resistance level – a certain line where the price stops. It happens to the price moving in the top direction. When she gets to this line, begins to decrease gradually. On this line the number of the buyers capable if necessary to stop advance in price has settled down definitely.

Fiat – the currency which is real. Here rubles, dollars, euro, hryvnias and other currency which is supported with the state obligations enter.

Fork – change of the source code of the project (rules) at which the block in a blockchain remains original.

The fundamental analysis – the forecast of the movement of the prices at the exchange. The forecast is carried out by means of the analysis of world news and various actions. Various rumors and expectations take part in the analysis.

The future (the future contract) – the special tool which is used at the exchange. This tool allows to get or sell any asset in the shortest possible time. At conclusion of this sort of the transaction both parties agree only about price level. As for others the characteristic of an asset, they are already stated in this contract. It is possible to allocate two types the future: deliverable and settlement. The first option directly concerns actions, goods and raw materials. The second option concerns indexes. In similar contracts between the parties only currency calculations in the difference sum between the price of opening of positions and its closings are carried out. This tool is used that there was no risk at which the price can change accidentally or intentionally.

Hardfork – a branching in a blockchain. As a rule, it happens when not updated knots can’t check the blocks generated by the updated knots which follow the new rules.

Hamsters are beginners who only begin the activity at the exchange. Very often this type of players is subject to frequent panic which can occur in large quantities. They constantly merge or buy crypts in improper time.

Shorts (short position) – risk game on a swing, passing at small distances. The interval makes only several minutes.

The Japanese candle – the statistical data showing the movement of the price in a concrete period. Similar data allow to find all important information and to define in what mood there is a market at the moment.

Hashingnews hopes that the list of terms has helped to understand to you value of these or those words which you didn’t know earlier. Understanding word meaning, you will be able to avoid serious mistakes at the exchanges. Finally it would be desirable to share one more term which will force you to smile.

To stroke a cat – expression which is said by players. Means that traders to hope for the help of the highest forces. To stroke a cat – means that players believe that the course will go for increase or for decrease, depending on the desire ironing.

We wish you success at the exchange. Knowledge of terms can save in some important situations. Knowing words, you without effort will read important materials which will help to understand everything. Now you will be able quietly to communicate with skilled traders, learning from them subtleties and nuances of stock market game.

Read reviews of experts, you watch news, look in analytical materials and communicate with traders. You will quickly penetrate into all subtleties. Lexicon of the trader is much simpler, than it can seem at first sight.