What is lunyr cryptocurrency

What is Lunyr Cryptocurrency?


In the top ten most popular sites, more than half are resources that provide information. In other words, these are educational resources. The most popular of them is Wikipedia. Today, we will tell you about The lunyr project, which is called decentralized Wikipedia on the blockchain.


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What is Lunyr Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Lunyr is a digital token that will serve as an award for users of the blockchain encyclopedia Lunyr. For their work, authors and editors will receive LUN tokens for filling and refining materials on the platform.

Lunyr Platform Features

At first glance, it may seem that the creation of such a platform is absolutely not necessary, because there is Wikipedia, which copes with its mission. But, it is not quite so, and now, we will try to describe the main advantages Lunyr before its predecessor.

Before placing on Lunyr, all material will be checked by editors, only then will be placed. In Wikipedia, everything happens exactly the opposite. The whole article base Lunyr will be stored in a decentralized storage hack which will be impossible. Wikipedia articles are increasingly hacked and adjusted for the purpose of trolling and jokes. Everyone who wants the lunyr platform user will be able to place paid text ads, 15% of the payment will go to the reserve Fund, and everything else will be distributed between the authors and editors. Wikipedia is known to be a non-profit organization, so it does not offer such services.

In addition, the Lunyr team notes that the blockchain Ether, which is currently developing a lot of decentralized applications, is completely blind. I. e., he does not understand what is happening in the world. With the lunyr API, which will be developed later, the blockchain will be able to receive information from outside.

Prospects of the Lunyr Cryptocurrency

According to the information provided by the project team, during 2017-2019, the team will work on the creation of the platform. 2017-was dedicated to the development of the beta version of the platform. 2018-dedicated to the development of applications that will carry out the examination and evaluation of published materials, as well as the creation of advertising opportunities. 2019-will be devoted to the development of various extensions and APIs.

As you can see, the project team has a lot to do. After the implementation of all plans, Lunyr team will need to engage in a major marketing company to promote their product. If they succeed, then LUN tokens will cost unrealistically expensive.

Unfortunately, we cannot give an accurate forecast for the value Of lunyr tokens.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency Lunyr

Quite nedvano, token LUN included in the TOP 300 blockchain projects capitalization increased $ 37 million. The cost of one token is $16. Buy cryptocurrency Lunyr, you can exchange Binance for BTC.


The idea of the project is interesting, the fact that it will be implemented, we have no doubt. The only question is: Will demand Lunyr?

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