What is the Cryptocurrency IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) in Simple Words?

What is the Cryptocurrency IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) in Simple Words?


Friends, it so happened that recently, under our pen fall projects that are closely related to the real estate sector. Earlier, we wrote about the projects that are being developed to improve real estate rental services, and now we will talk about the IHT Real Estate Protocol project, which is aimed at a slightly different aspect in the field.


  • What is the cryptocurrency IHT Real Estate Protocol
  • Features of IHT Real Estate Protocol
  • Prospects of IHT Real Estate Protocol
  • Where to buy cryptocurrency Protocol IHT Real Estate
  • Conclusion

What is the Cryptocurrency IHT Real Estate Protocol?

The IHT cryptocurrency is a digital token created specifically for the IHT Real estate Protocol, which is aimed at integration into the world real estate market. To achieve the goal, the Real Estate Protocol is combined with the I-House platform.

With the help of this platform, everyone will be able to choose any of the objects presented on the platform and invest their funds in it. In return, the investor gets ownership of the amount of the acquired property.

Features of IHT Real Estate Protocol

It is important to understand that Real Estate will be used separately from the I-house platform, i.e. it will perform the service or even Supplement the platform. In addition, Real estate Protocol will segment real estate, and in the future will act as a full-fledged exchange office, where in exchange for Fiat money the user will receive part of the property.

Prospects of IHT Real Estate Protocol

After reading the first 2 sections, you may not quite understand why IHT tokens and its platform will be in demand. And to fill this gap, we describe the advantages and benefits for the user to use this resource.

First, by investing in real estate, each investor will receive dividends that will be paid on the basis of ownership. Second, the idea that Real estate Protocol and the I-house platform offer is very attractive to investors with tens of thousands of dollars. And this is a large number of people who will be able to make their money work.

By the end of 2019, the IHT Real Estate Protocol team plans to enter the world real estate market and become a significant participant.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency Protocol IHT Real Estate

Most of the trades tokens IHT occur in the exchanges and the OEX Gate.io, as you can buy them on Kucoin. The average value of the token is 16 cents – with a capitalization of 83 million dollars and a daily trading volume of 51 million dollars.


After reviewing the Internet all the information related to the project IHT Real Estate Protocol, we were alerted by one fact – too many tokens, the project team has left itself.

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