Why Do I Need Dash?


Unlike other popular digital currencies, Dash pays particular attention to ease of use and the benefits of digital cash. And although Bitkoyn currently leads the way in such an indicator as acceptance by society, it will not last forever. Here are a few reasons why you should use Dash:

  • Lightning speed. Not only does Dash take much less time to confirm the transaction, it has the InstantSend function, which allows you to confirm transactions instantly.
  • Lower commission. Dash commission is lower. Sending payments will cost a few cents.
  • Provides anonymity. Dash has a built-in function of mixing coins called PrivateSend, which breaks transactions into smaller parts and sends them. As a result, it becomes impossible to establish the source of payments and thus ensures confidentiality.
  • Has an effective control mechanism. Solutions in the Dash network are accepted by the Master Wizards, which require a substantial DASH investment to run. To stimulate the adoption of useful solutions for the network, the Masters receive a payment of 45% of the reward for the extracted block. While in the Bitkoyn network, miners receive a 100% reward.
  • Pays developers, marketers and many others. Dash has 10% of the award for the block allocated for development. Thus, the currency itself is capable of hiring programmers, marketers and even media professionals to improve the currency, its positions and the ecosystem as a whole, which means that Dash can work without the help of volunteers or organizations.

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