Why is Litecoin Better Than Bitcoin?

Why is Litecoin Better Than Bitcoin?


Many crypto-enthusiasts argue about which of the two crypto currency is better: lightcoin or bitcoin. Let’s try to understand why Litecoin, after all, is better than “digital gold”:

  • Charlie Lee devoted himself completely to Litecoin.
  • Litecoin implements the SegWit update.

Another difference between them and the big reason that Lee decided to leave his job as director of engineering at Coinbase is the completion of the upgrade of Blockchain Segregated Witness (SegWit) in May. If there are fairly consistent complaints about the blockade of bitcoin, this concerns either transaction charges or settlement time. At the moment, Litecoin has an advantage.

  • A more decentralized algorithm for verifying operability.

Litecoin also took a completely different path with respect to its algorithm for validating the performance. “Proof of work” refers to a process where miners use high-performance computers to solve complex equations for verifying transactions on the network.

  • Faster block processing speed
  • Rule of large numbers

Finally, investors can rely on the rule of large numbers. It would be logical that Litecoin and its market capitalization of $ 14.4 billion would be much closer to 28.8 billion than for bitcoin to grow from 222 billion to 444 billion. Investors are actively looking for “the next bitcoin” and many have already found it in Litecoin.

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