The Zcash Prepares for the First Hardfork

The Zcash Prepares for the First Hardfork


Has released Zcash the new software within preparation for the first large-scale updating.

ON has received the name “Overwinter” and and it has to be activated in June June. As this updating will be realized through a hardfork, everything users will need to be updated.

According to the message in the blog, Overwinter will include “management of versions, protection against double reproduction when updating network, increase in productivity for transparent transactions, new function of the expiration of transaction and many other things”.

However, though Overwinter also comprises all these changes, after it it will be required to make one more updating.

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This updating which has received the name Sapling has to happen in September. The second updating has to reduce the number of the required place for storage of private transactions and also has to proapdeytit the mechanism which is the cornerstone of a blockchain – zk-snarks.

According to messages from the forum Zcash, the team several times postponed release of Overwinter, referring to need of extra time for the review of a code and correction of the bugs found during testing.

As of February 27 “manual testing candidate release” still continues.

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